Vistar™ marine security, marine safety and marine intelligence solutions and services help customers with their critical needs in:

  1. Detection of vessels, obstacles, people and other objects.
  2. Analysis and Optimisation of images, data and assets using algorithms, maintenance and remote management.
  3. Decision and Action via warnings or triggering pre-defined action on detection in darkness of threat or possible collision.

Customised Solutions

Vistar™ has experience in development and integration of customised solutions for customers using new security, safety and intelligence technologies, their own products, third party products and software and alliance partners.

Projects such as the Vistar 405 system (IM405) which was developed and fitted to a US Delta force patrol boat and installation of similar systems on the Storbaelt Bridge in Scandinavia (The Bridge) are some of the many customised projects Vistar has delivered.

Please contact us on any of your marine security, safety and intelligence technology requirements.


Vistar™ have been pioneers and first in development of marine safety and security technologies such as the first COTS surveillance system, first fast ferry night vision system and first radar interface.

Marine security and safety technologies use night vision technology used on navy ships for fire control and missile detection for more than 30 years. Use of the technology by NATO in the Gulf war led to an increased use and lowering of prices to bring them into the realm of commercial users. Two technologies are in use, image intensifiers and thermal imagers. Both are used in Vistar products.

Vistar’s software R&D keeps abreast of marine technology in developing fields for integration in Vistar’s solutions. Some of the technologies include; de-blurring, super resolution, focus stacking, 360 surveillance, automatic target detection, tracking, shape estimation, image stabilization, image recognition, laser range-gating, LIDAR (light detection and ranging), laser data transfer, data fusion and data based modelling and algorithms.

Free No Obligation Marine Technology Review (MTR)

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