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Our operations are continuing and we are available to support the health, safety and security needs of our customers. Please Contact us.

Vistar™ has been a provider of marine security, health and safety and intelligence solutions to our customers since 1979.

Vistar was the First company in the world, to achieve type approval from both the HK Marine Dept, and IMO, (MED), for the very stringent requirements for night vision installations in HSC ferries.

During their rich 42 year history, Vistar has installed more than 280 night vision and marine technologies around the world in countries including; Hong Kong, Norway, Japan, Italy, USA, France, Philippines, Scandinavia, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay and Greece for customers including:
UK Border Force, Virgin Atlantic, US Delta Patrol Force, US Navy Seals, French Customs and Environmental Agency of South Africa, a diverse range of HSC ferry operators, worldwide.

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