Marine Safety System 172, 223 and 233  

Vistar night vision systems, use high technology collision avoidance techniques, to assure the safety of all passengers and crew; not only on their own vessel, but also in any other vessel in close proximity.

Typical safety hazards include large flotsam and jetsam, ice, logs and trees, containers, whales and exceptional waves. Unlit small fishing boats, leisure and commercial craft can also be invisible to radar and prove a major safety hazard.

223 and 233 systems have 50mm image intensifiers while 172 has an 18mm image intensifier and smaller housing.

Vistar’s marine safety and collision avoidance system was developed specifically to meet the exacting standards of the Hong Kong Marine Department for operation of high-speed passenger ferries at night. Our products have been approved for service in Hong Kong since 1982 and have IMO type approval based on the original Hong Kong specification.

Marine Security System 350

Vistar™ marine security system 350 utilises thermal imaging, colour day light cameras, image intensifiers and  gyro stabilisation to enhance surveillance and detection capability and is designed to operate continuously for long periods in harsh marine conditions. Touch screen display and other functions allow operators control of camera speed and direction with radar and GPS interface integration.

Vistar’s marine security systems have been installed on vessels of top border control agencies around the world including UK Border Force and France border agency. Our marine security systems have been installed around the world in countries including; UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Holland, Trinidad & Tobago and USA.

Vistar’s products can be installed to a range of specifications providing a wide range of prices to meet requirements of all customers. At times we also have access to refurbished products allowing a good entry price for customers to test and become familiar with benefits of Vistar’s marine security technology .

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