Vistar™ marine technology maintenance services include first line repair of basic hardware or equipment incidents on site and second line repair at our engineering centres. We support customers via full maintenance contracts which include proactive service initiatives, data guided preventative maintenance, dedicated help desk support and availability reporting to optimise assets. We provide some of our marine technology maintenance offerings on a time and parts basis as and when needed.

Our software maintenance offering includes fixing of software incidents and upgrades and normally combined with our hardware maintenance.

We not only maintain Vistar equipment but are able to maintain your whole marine technology asset base as the single point of contact and responsibility using our asset management systems and partners. Please contact us to discuss.

Parts & Consumables

We have a variety of marine technology parts and consumables including 233 parts, 350 parts and other parts to keep your vessels moving.

We can forecast and customise replacement parts and consumables packages for customers using our Wear and Tear and Usage (WTU) database. These packages can be combined with scheduled delivery and management so that you have the parts and consumables when and where you need them. We can obviously provide parts and consumables as failures occur based on standard lead and delivery times.

Please contact us if you need any parts or consumables or would like a no obligation estimate of your likely usage or parts and consumables cost reductions we can provide.

Software & System Security Services

Software can be the answer to many of the complex challenges in the marine sector including marine system security. Our programmers can review system security vulnerabilities and implement security technology to reduce threat of attacks and customise enhanced software features and solutions to improve detection, analysis and action. Our particular focus is on overall system security and use of use of security products and data to provide enhanced intelligence and reporting onshore or on vessel and within or outside of the enterprise.

Installation Services

Our full services includes total project management of onsite installation or commissioning and uninstallation or decommissioning. Services include project management which takes account of your port schedules, pre-installation testing and calibration of equipment, site risk assessment and survey, organising any equipment required for safe mast installations, qualified third-party coordination (radar or camera equipment providers), provision of qualified mast climbers and full reporting.

Trade-in, Asset Finance and Resale

We can help customers keep their technology up to date by trading in older equipment, arranging asset finance (subject to qualifying) and take on resale of equipment to maximise asset life and value. We have a number of partners that we utilise to meet your requirements and various pricing options including pricing based on usage.

Contact us for a no obligation Marine Technology Review (MTR) which reviews your technology asset base against your objectives, provides benchmarks, reporting and recommendations for improvements in cost, operational effectiveness and security or safety improvements where relevant.

Training and Certification

Marine solutions are sophisticated and mission critical in that they affect lives. In our 35 years of experience, well trained and certified teams can both get the most from investment made in assets and also ensure standards of safety and security are met protecting customer reputation and lives.

Vistar and partners can provide a range of training and certification for  Vistar’s marine safety and security technology. Training can be organised on vessel, at your premises, at our premises in UK or at one of our many distributors around the world. Please contact us for our standard course and training agendas or for us to develop a customised training programme meeting your specific needs.

Our training associates are product specialists or experienced mariners who have experience in top British agencies. Our certifications are based on world leading British Standards.

System Design and Project Management

When vessel owners are looking to upgrade, expand or optimise their marine security, safety and intelligence technology, we can project manage the end to end process from defining design specifications, working with the local marine safety or security bodies if required, writing the request for proposal, identifying the best suppliers internationally, managing the bid process and overseeing the installation or commissioning. We can provide a business case of how our bid and project management can actually reduce costs and improve time to commissioning.  Customers can combined this service with our trade-in, asset finance and resale services to maximise asset utilisation and return on investment in their assets.

Our programme and project managers are experienced in marine security and safety technology and normally have project management or other certifications. Please contact us to see how we can save you money, improve your asset usage or speed up installations.

Free No Obligation Marine Technology Review (MTR)

Contact us for a free no obligation Marine Technology Review (MTR) to identify cost and operational improvements in your installed technology or to let us know you have Vistar™ systems and wish to be added to our product update notices.